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PiggyBaggy/CoReorient joined the Cleantech Finland network


CoReorient, the startup behind the PiggyBaggy social delivery service, joined the Cleantech Finland network. Cleantech Finland brings the Finland’s best cleantech solutions and expertise together and supports these companies’ international growth with business communications and marketing.

PiggyBaggy is a ride-sharing based service enabling taking care of the daily delivery needs socially in the local community. In the environmentally friendly service, people transport each other’s packages along their daily commute or shopping trips earning a low monetary compensation. PiggyBaggy partners with e-commerce and delivery management companies for ecological, economical and socially sustainable solution.

There are currently approximately 1 500 registered PiggyBaggy users in Finland. The service has so far been used for the Finland’s first crowdsourced online grocery deliveries, for other online and second-hand online stores deliveries as well as for returning library books.

“We develop PiggyBaggy in close cooperation with the tax authorities, the Ministry of Transport and Communications, as well as the private sector and civil society organisations. Next online grocery story deliveries will be tested in Denmark”, says CEO of CoReorient  Harri Paloheimo.

PiggyBaggy/CoReorient currently is searching for Danish communication partners.

“The pressure to reduce co2 emissions and traffic congestion lead to the fact that business in consumer-targeted cleantech services will continue to grow. That will happen, for example, on the fields of transport of both people and goods. Therefore, it is great to see this kind of services being developed also in Finland. We at Cleantech Finland find it important to promote the internationalization of also the consumer cleantech beside more traditional industrial cleantech,” said Cleantech Finland’s Client Relations Manager Petri Lintumäki of Finpro.

Additional information PiggyBaggy:
For more information: CoReorient / PiggyBaggyn Marketing Henni Ahvenlampi, +358 45 601 0390, henni.ahvenlampi (at)