Terms of Service

  1. Applicability of terms and description of service
    1. The terms and conditions stated herein (collectively, the “Agreement”) constitute a legal agreement between you and Coreorient Ltd., a Finnish corporation (the “Service Provider”) operating the PiggyBaggy service (the “Service”).
    2. In order to use the Service and the software supplied by the Service Provider for the purpose of using the Service (the “Software”), you must register to the Service and agree to the terms and conditions that are set out below. By registering to the Service and downloading, installing or using any associated Software you hereby expressly acknowledge and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the Agreement. You also acknowledge and agree to be bound by the General Rules of the Service and any future amendments and additions to this Agreement and the General Rules due to further development of the Service, as published on the webpages of the Service.
    3. The users registered to the service as transportation service customers (the “Customers”) and transportation service providers (the “Drivers “, collectively the “Users”) may inform over the Service (the “Notification”) on their transport needs and free transport capacity. The agreements between the Users on transportation services over the Service takes place primarily under the terms of service of the Service, or alternatively, under conditions separately agreed between the Users. The Service Provider is not party to such agreements in any respect.
    4. In addition to this Agreement, the User acknowledges and agrees to be bound by any guidelines by the Service Provider related to the use of the Service and given separately or as indicated during the use of the Service. The current valid terms of service and rules are available on the webpages of the Service.
  2. Access rights and user data
    1. Upon registering to the Service the User receives the right to use the Service according to this Agreement and other rules and guidelines applicable to the Service. The User must during registration provide the required registration information (the “User Information” ), which allow the User to be identified and authenticated, and select a personal identifier (“User ID” ) for the use of the Service. Providing false User Information is a criminal offense.
    2. The Service Provider has the right to collect the User’s personal information during registration and use of the Service from the User and from other data sources, such as banks, telecom operators and vehicle registries.
    3. You are permitted under this Agreement to limited access to the Service. The User does not have the right to record, display, publicly perform, transmit, send, or continue to use the Service or contents receives through the Service other than as stated in this Agreement and within the limits of the copyright law. The User agrees to keep the User Information up to date during the use of the Service.
    4. The Service Provider shall have the right to refuse access to the Service if complete User Information is not provided, or the information is inadequate or inappropriate, or the User does not otherwise meet the conditions for granting access to the Service.
    5. The User registering to the Service must be a fully competent natural person. Users may also authorize other natural persons to take part in the transports on their behalf. A single User may have only one personal identifier, and each person authorized by the User may have only one personal identifier.
    6. The User is registered to the customer register of Coreorient Ltd. The privacy policy is available on the website of the Service. The Service Provider has the right to use the User Information in customer relationship management and maintenance, in communications about the Service, and in business planning and development by the Service Provider. The Service Provider and other companies in the same group of companies also have the right to use and disclose the information held in the registry for justifiable purposes according to the personal data act and other applicable laws. Users can forbid the use of their information for the above purposes by notifying the Service Provider.
    7. The user information is by default confidential. The Service Provider has the right to hand over certain User Information to another User of the Service as part of the use of the Service. In addition, the Service Provider may disclose User Information or identity infomation to the police or other public authorities if there is a reason to believe that there has been a crime and its investigation can be progressed by handing over the User Information or identity infomation, and the public authority presents a justified request on the matter.
  3. Obligations and responsibilities
    1. The User ID and password are User specific, and may not be transferred or disclosed to a third party. Users are responsible for all use of the Service with their User ID. In the event of disclosure of the password or User ID to an external party the User shall immediately inform the Service Provider. Upon the receipt of the notification the User is released of the liability for subsequent unauthorized use of the Service with the password and User ID.
    2. The User is responsible for any direct and indirect costs resulting from the use of the Service.
    3. The User acknowledges and agrees to be bound by this Agreement and any rules and guidelines related to the use of the Service as well as applicable laws and acceptable norms. The User further acknowledges and agrees to be bound by rules and guidelines stated elsewhere in the Service.
    4. Users agree that they shall not use the Service for illegal activities or for activities violating acceptable norms. In particular, Transporters undertake not to engage in activities that violate the current freight transport act or taxi transport act.
    5. Users receive the Service and use it at their own risk and are responsible for the purchase, maintenance and adequate protection of equipment, connections and software required for the use of the Service.
    6. The User agrees to describe a Notification truthfully when submitting it.
    7. Users undertake to contribute to the realization of their Notifications as closely as possible. Users acknowledges that the schedule estimates announced in the Service may differ from the realized schedule based on the selected route, weather conditions, traffic conditions, or similar circumstances.
    8. The Service Provider is not responsible for the realization of the Notifications.
    9. The User acknowledges that an agreement made over the Service is always binding, unless Users have separately agreed otherwise through the Service.
    10. The User has an unlimited right to change the Notification or to remove it completely until accepting a request responding to the Notification from another User.
  4. The rights and responsibilities of the Service Provider
    1. The Service Provider offers a meeting place for users, which is generally available 24 hours a day. The Service Provider has the right to take the Service or part of it temporarily down due to maintenance, installation, modification, public order and safety, excessive load on the system, or other similar reasons.
    2. The Service Provider has the right to add, change or remove portions of the Service, as well as to change free of charge components of the Service to paid components, or to discontinue the maintenance of the Service in part or in its entirety. The Service Provider seeks, where it is reasonably practicable, to inform of changes and breaks in the Service relevant to the User in advance to the User through the Service or by other appropriate means. The changes will take effect as soon as they are adopted.
    3. The Service Provider does not give any direct or indirect guarantees of the functioning or features of the Service and does not guarantee that the Service will function without breaks or errors.
    4. The Service Provider is not responsible for the content or accuracy of the Service with the exception of content produced by the Service Provider. The Service Provider shall not, therefore, be responsible for the correctness of User Information, Notifications made by the Users in the Service, the accuracy or legality of Notifications, the correctness of information given by a User, or whether a User is legally competent to make the Notification.
    5. The Service Provider is not party to the contract. Agreement in the Service takes place between the Users and the responsibility for the implementation of the agreements is on the Users of the Service.
    6. The Service Provider shall not be liable for any losses or damages that incorrect or insufficient User Information may cause the User or any third parties.
    7. The Service Provider shall in no event be liable for direct or indirect damages relating in any way to the Service or its use, or to information or Notifications available through the Service. The Service Provider is not responsible for damages caused to the User or to third parties due to the use of the Service or the presence of failures, technical faults, malicious software, links, or breaks in the Service.
    8. The Service Provider has the right to remove from the Service a Notification that the Service Provider considers to violate the Terms of Service, law or good manners, or to be inappropriate, incorrect or detrimental or injurious to the Service Provider, Users or any third party.
    9. The Service Provider has the right to temporarily or permanently close the User account if the User is acting against these Terms of Service, the law or good manners, or if the user is not logged into the Service within twelve (12) months.
    10. The Service is protected by copyright under the Finnish law. The Service may include material protected by copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights. The User may not, without the express written permission of the Service Provider or other right holders, distribute, reproduce, publish, circulate or otherwise commercially exploit such protected material unless permitted by applicable law.
    11. The User grants to the Service Provider all the current and future economic rights to the material provided to the Service. The Service Provider may transfer these rights and change or modify the material contained in the Service (including Notifications) at its discretion, for example, to prevent misuse targeting the Service or Notifications. The User shall retain the right to use the material provided to the Service independent of the Service Provider. The use or publication for commercial or any other purpose outside of the Service by any other party than the respective User, of material and Notifications present in the Service, is prohibited without the express consent of the Service Provider.
  5. Changing the Terms of Service
    1. The Service Provider has the right to unilaterally amend these Terms of Service by notifying the User by email or through the Service. The changes will take effect fourteen (14) days after the notification. The User accepts the changes to the Terms of Service by using the Service.
    2. When informed of changes, the User can terminate the Agreement by email or through the Service before the change takes effect.
  6. Validity and Termination
    1. The Agreement between the User and the Service Provider shall enter into force when the User accepts these Terms of Service and the Service Provider grants the User access to the Service.
    2. The Agreement is valid until further notice. Both parties may terminate the Agreement without notice by email or through the Service without the need to justify the termination.
    3. Upon the termination of the Agreement the Service Provider shall close the User account and remove any material deposited by the User from the Service.
    4. The parties are released from their obligations under the Agreement for the period and to the extent that the failure to meet contractual obligations is due to force majeure. A valid reason for the release is deemed to be an event that is unusual and affects the matter, which has occurred after the creation of the Agreement, which is independent of the parties to the Agreement, and the effects of which can not reasonably be avoided or overcome. This kind of event is, for example, war, rebellion, expropriation or confiscation for public purposes, break in energy distribution, labor dispute , fire, thunderstorm or other natural phenomenon or some other cause that is of comparable impacts, unusual, and independent of the User or Service Provider.
  7. Transfer of the Agreement
    1. The Service Provider has the right to transfer the Agreement to a third party, if the transfer is linked to the sale of the Service or its part, or to a change in the provider or broker of the Service.
    2. The Service Provider shall always have the right to transfer the contract, the Service and its maintenance, and the person registers related to the Service, to another company belonging to the same group of companies.
    3. The User does not have the right to transfer the Agreement. The User specifically acknowledges that the right to use the Service is personal and can not be transferred to a third party.
  8. Cookies
    1. Cookies may be occasionally transferred to the terminal device of the User. A cookie is a small text file that can be used to collect information about how and when the Service is used: for example, from which website the User has entered the Service , when, and what web pages the User has viewed, which advertiser’s advertisements the User has seen and clicked on the Service Provider’s page, which browser the User uses, what is a the screen resolution and operating system of the User, and what is the IP address of the User’s terminal device. The cookies do not damage the User’s terminal device or files.
    2. The purpose of cookies is to analyze and develop the Service to better serve the Users. The Service Provider and its affiliates may make use of cookies in statistical monitoring of the number of visitors to the Service and to measure the effectiveness of advertising.
    3. The Service Provider and its affiliates may use information collect with the cookies to generate targeted advertising. The User may choose to block targeted advertising.
    4. The information collected by cookies is anonymous by its nature. Taking into account privacy laws, information gained through the use of cookies may also be associated with personal information received from the User in other contexts.
    5. The User has the possibility to prevent the use of cookies by changing the browser settings. Preventing the use of cookies and removal of cookies may affect the functionality of the Service or its components.
  9. Applicable law and disputes
    1. The Service and these Terms of Service are governed by Finnish law.
    2. Disputes between the Service Provider and the User are primarily intended to be amicably resolved through negotiation. If no agreement is reached, the dispute shall be settled in the Helsinki District Court.

The Terms of Service shall be effective 10/08/2013 and are valid until further notice.