The 24/7 Local community spaces catalyze communities

The local services are being centralized and the distances to them grow out of reach of many groups of residents. The daily lifes of especially the families without a car, families with children, the elderly, and the disabled get more complicated. The Helsinki based CoReorient Ltd produces 24/7 Local community spaces that enable local services and sharing economy energy-efficiently and cost-effectively. The 24/7 Local Community spaces ease the scheduling challenges of anyone placing home delivery orders (the items can be delivered to the hub). Also people get to rent infrequently used items and tools locally allowing them to save space at their homes.

The Local community hub concept was created in private-public partnership and has been tested in Kalasatama, Helsinki and in the centre of the City of Lahti.

The 24/7 accessible Local community space is a Smart container that services as local mediation platform for multitude of services helping to build a lively community. The Local community space enables operation of local food and recycling circles and helps information sharing within the neighborhood. The hubs can be utilised for receiving online orders and to lengthen hours of operation of the local stores. All the services are also accessible online. The space easily services as a tool shed for lending the rarely needed items so every family does not need to own their own. For the City of Helsinki, CoReorient Ltd created the Finland’s first 24/7 container library, that was preferred over the traditional library bus by their users.

We are starting a development project to enable adding more tailored services to the Local community space. Please do not hesitate to contact us to tell about your needs.

A printable one-pager on the 24/7 Local Community Spaces
A longer presentation of the 24/7 Local Community Spaces, partners and user experiences.

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Contact for inquiries and price quotations:
Harri Paloheimo, CEO at CoReorient / PiggyBaggy
harri.paloheimo (at)
+358 50 4836388

The functional prototype of a 24/7 Local community space.